Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Satin Strangler Broadway Premiere Planned

The Satin Strangler will have her long rumored debut on Broadway.

If She Did It, the New York Times bestselling and highly controversial book by Satin Strangler defense attorney Horace Krouch, has been rewritten as a play that will premiere on Broadway on April 25th.

Krouch has collaborated with world-famous playwright and director Leopold Leroux to adapt the book for Broadway. Leopold “The Great” Leroux, best known for Broadway multimedia extravaganzas in such plays as Mayhem and Something About Nothing, has since taken the reigns of the project. Leroux has promised to deliver “a multimedia sensation of previously unseen proportions.”

Theater experts predict that the set alone will exceed the budget of any previous Broadway shows, including the calamity-plagued and repeatedly delayed Spiderman, primarily due to the extensive multimedia streams and interactive components planned. Leroux aims to create a reality show feel through simulcast of actors and “on the street" interviews. Live footage will reach the theater stage from multiple locations via short circuit TV and internet-based transmissions. The cherry on top will be a live video stream of the theater audience that will project onto outdoor screens in Times Square.

The premiere will also be simulcast to theaters across the United States and sold as internet feeds throughout the world, making If She Did It the first international theater performance of its kind.

Adult film star Lars Peters will play the lawyer Henry Krow alongside Charlize Montgomery as Daphne Blain, aka the Satin Strangler. By the way, in case you haven’t yet heard, Blain is also aka (aaka) Destiny Blande, but only off-the-record.

The operating budget for the play will be an estimated $48 million, with weekly expenses exceeding $1 million. Producer Syd Peerless is no stranger to big budgets. He already plans to capture the event in a short documentary as he begins work on the feature length film. Leroux will have the documentary cameramen prominently visible on stage, creating a production-within-a-production experience for the audience.

All of the revenue sources from the multimedia approach promise to raise the bar for future Broadway productions. The $1,000 premiere tickets sold out within minutes, suggesting that the creators of If She Did It are well on their way to success.


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